Mariana Marron

It has and continues to be a wonderful experience to witness progress and meet the individuals and industries who benefit from Makatary's Artificial Intelligence Technology.

An encouraging story is never far away. Through all of the humorous events, times of victory and personal tribulations, we have learned a lot. Through the years in this business of software, our theme remains the same. We thrive on facilitating processes and being part of someone's plan coming together.

Life has taught us that there is a purpose that goes beyond the success we imagined. Helping individuals and businesses reach greater goals; this is where the true value lies and the results are worth much more than the while.

We look forward to the coming years, being of service to the many individuals who continuously inspire us to improve our technology. We are confident, grateful and humbled to be part of such a learning experience.

    -Mariana Marrón
    Founder | Makatary LLC.

    In Loving Memory
    Mariana Marron The Inspiration of Makatary
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    Martha Magallanes

Mariana Marron